Cold room FAQ

How to choose cold room

China Cold room Specification

1. Compressor 

2. Refrigeration Parts 

3. PU insulation sandwich panel board

4.Air cooler

5. Condenser 

Feature of freezer cold rooms ,refrigerated chiller and freezer ,cold room /chiller room, cold storage room, cooler room,Cold storage /cold store/ walk in freezer room / cold room, cold storage room, chiller room, cooling room:

Polyurethane insulation board design for cold room, the main steel structure to facilitate construction. Portable sliding doors, and out of cold storage more convenient, easy to operate.

Water defrosting evaporator defrost faster, save operating costs.

Cold storage door with anti-shock protection, an increase of reliability.

China cold room projects.

(1) Temperature range: -40ºC~+20ºC are all available.

(2) Size: Customize.

(3) Functions: fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available.

(4) Fully automatic control system.

(5)Easy to install and dismantle

(6) Temperature Alarm

(7) Data Logger

(8)PLC electric control ( LG,SIMENS, OMRON..famous parts)

(9) Refrigerant:R404A R507A or other 

China cold room Components:

(1) Condensing unit: Germany Bitzer, America Copeland, Italy Frascold ,China brand Etc.

(2) Evaporator: FST air-cooler.

(3) Insulation Panel: PU,

(4) Other accessories: world-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG,Schneider

Application of China cold room:

Food (meat,pork, beaf,chicken freezer room, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink chiller room ( cooler room...), Medicine, Chemical, Electronics...


1).Swing door and sliding door for choice.

2).Swing door:manual opened,automatic,etc.

3).Door board made with special pressing technology PU material.

4).Door frame:color steel or stainless steel.

5).Surface material:color steel or stainless steel with protecting film.

China cold room Panels:

Cold room insulation panel:use 100%polyurethane insulation panel,density about 36~42kg/m3,with gasket,with flame retardant, fire-resistant panel thickness:50mm~200mm, standard width of panel is 960mm

Evaporator type

Air Cooled Type:

Ceiling type : DL (5-20℃)DD(-5~+5 ℃)DJ(-18~-20℃)

Aluminum shelving:Customize -18 ℃ or -35℃

Evaporator Cooled Type:Evaporator Condenser DJS (-30~-40℃)

Room size type:

volume range :Mimi≤200m³    Small: 200~1000m³  Middle :1000~5000m³ Big≥5000m³