China cost effective Spiral Freezer/Spiral Freezing tunnel 1000kg/h Machinery for meat or seafood

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China Spiral freezer is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving quick-frozen device
It covers an area of small, and the advantages of compact structure, database is big, become modern quick-frozen food companies preferred
It's made of 304 stainless steel except motor, blower impeller, evaporator pipe and fin, and electric elements.
China spiral freezer is completed with base plate of quick freezing machine;
the users do not need to make the heat preservation fundation.
Spiral quick-freezing machine widely used in fried food, aquatic products, all kinds of pasta, prepared food, meat and other food
Spiral freezer 1000kg/h  Parameter

the 1000kg/h spiral freezer parameters as follow:

frozen product :fish 

capacity: 1000kg/h 

cooling capacity: 170kw (±40℃)

refrigerant :R404A/R507A/R717

inter/out temperature: +15/-18℃

inside room temperature:-38±3℃

freeze time :10-50min (adjust)

the spiral freezer body size: 7*5*3m

the materials use full stainless steel structure SUS304

the evaporator use large anti-rust aluminum finned tube group, the rest of the 304 stainless steel

the Electric Control Cabinet use Schneider Electric 

the panels use double face stainless steel and  Self-extinguishing Flame Retardant Polyurethane 150mm Thickness

the conveyor belt we could use 600mm,650mm,710mm etc ,according to clients choice.

the compressor unit adopt 2 sets Bitzer screw compressor unit  HSN8571-125Y .with evaporative type condenser.

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