First cold chain 1300kg/h China tunnel freezer for meat and seafood processing

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tunnel freezer 1300kg/h product description
China tunnel freezer is widely used in frozen strips, cubes or grain foods, such as ice cream, shrimp, shrimp, sliced fish, meat dumplings, meat and chicken sub.
With variable-frequency motor, expanding the use of energy saving.
Depending on the frozen product into left and right cross-blasting fan, air mixing, and the top-blowing, the refrigeration, to achieve the best quality and efficiency
1.Simple structure, easy operation and long life.
2.Library stainless steel plate using double sandwich polyurethane insulation board, good insulation properties, the inner member made of stainless steel SUS304, easy to clean, HACCP requirements.
3. The stainless steel mesh belt, smooth surfaces, easy to clean.
4. Use water cream to ensure hygiene.
5.Invter infinitely adjustable speed control is realized, frozen goods freeze time is adjustable, it can be applied to processing of frozen goods.

China tunnel freezer 1300kg/h parameter:
Capacity: 1300kg / h
Cooling capacity: 230kW / h
Freezing room area: L * W * H (M)23.5 * 3 * 2.5
External dimensions: L * W * H (M) 21.5 * 3 * 2.5
Power: 28.4kw
The feed temperature (ºC): + 15
Output temperature (ºC): - 18
Circulating temperature (ºC): - 35
Frozen Time (minutes): 10-50
Refrigerant: R404A
The main electrical brands: Schneider
the China tunnel freezer adopt Italy  frascold  compressor 160hp 2 sets.
First cold chain is a professional  tunnel freezer supplier in China,
we have more than 10 years experience in tunnel IQF freezer filed 
welcome to know our company Tunnel IQF freezer .
we will provide high quality tunnel IQF freezer for every client.

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